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What’s the Worst Mistake You’ve Made in Houston Traffic?

Posted on · Houstonians love to complain about the bad drivers they encounter in our city’s often ridiculous traffic. But it’s always the other guy’s fault, right? Well, what if (just once in a while, of course) it was our fault? What’s your worst driving moment? What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made behind the wheel in Houston traffic, […]

Houston Matters

How Have You Changed Your Life to Deal with the Houston Commute?

Posted on · Hundreds of thousands of Houstonians drive in and out of the city each day. On a past Houston Matters, we explored how we might improve that daily commute experience. But say we can’t. Assume that in the coming years you’re still stuck in the same traffic at the same time most every day. How does […]

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Enduring an 80-Mile Commute — Each Way

Posted on · If you don’t have a very long commute to and from work, consider yourself lucky. But, if you’re like the rest of us, sitting in traffic to get from Point A to Point B, we hear you. We understand it can get frustrating and even downright maddening sometimes to get stuck in traffic, waiting…and waiting…and […]

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Houston Matters for Friday, June 14, 2013

Posted on · Hundreds of thousands of people in and around Houston commute in and out of the downtown area each weekday. Joining commuters are thousands more running errands, dropping kids off at school, going shopping, going to eat. Let’s face it – we’re always going. But never more so than during “drive time.” Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and […]

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Discussing the Latest Texting While Driving Bill in the Texas Legislature

Posted on · As the Texas Legislature again takes up a texting while driving ban, we want to know what you think – would such a ban statewide discourage you from texting? What about all the other distractions on the road? Joined by State Representative Tom Craddick who serves the 82nd district, which includes Midland and Harris County […]

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Houston Matters for Friday, April 12, 2013

Posted on · The last day of Alex Brown's life began like many others. The 17 year old Seagraves High School senior hopped in her truck, and began the drive to her Lubbock, Texas-area school. Along the way, she began texting, a distraction which led to her rolling her truck. She was ejected from the vehicle and died. […]


Distraction-Free Driving

Posted on · A Houston woman today was sentenced to 30 days in jail -- ten years probation and a ten thousand dollar fine for causing a fatal accident while talking on her cell phone. The dangers of talking and texting while driving are at the center of a National Campaign by Triple A to urge people to drive distraction-free. Laurie Johnson reports.