Hardy Toll Road


Discount for Harris County toll road users takes effect Monday, marking first-ever rate reduction

Posted on · The Harris County Toll Road Authority is implementing a series of policy changes next week, including a 10 percent discount for EZ TAG holders when they drive on the Sam Houston, Tomball and Westpark tollways as well as the Hardy Toll Road.

Good, Bad and Ugly

How to Survive Texas’ Busiest Holiday Travel Season Since 2007

Posted on · AAA Texas anticipates some 3.6 million Texans will travel 50 miles or more Wednesday through Sunday. About 3.3 million of them will be on the road; 235 thousand Texans will fly. It’s the largest number of Lone Star state travelers since 2007 and five percent more than just last Thanksgiving. First, we discuss what’s new […]

Houston Matters

Does Houston Traffic Make it a Harder Place to Learn to Drive?

Posted on · We’ve discussed on this program some of the challenges associated with driving in Houston – the traffic, distracted drivers, rude drivers, stress-inducing highway merges, aging infrastructure and construction zones. Even the most seasoned driver can find it all a bit overwhelming, at times. So imagine what it’s like for a driver-to-be – or, better yet, […]

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Your Worst Driving Moments, Jewish Culture, and Sports Monday: Houston Matters for Monday, April 7, 2014

Posted on · Come on. Admit it. We’ve all done it. That moment when you inadvertently cut someone off on the highway. Or had your left-turn blinker on as you turned right. Or found yourself in an endless series of U-turns because you couldn’t find the exit your GPS insists is there. We all have those moments. And […]

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Houston Commuters & Hidden Routes: Houston Matters for Wed., Feb. 19, 2014

Posted on · Hundreds of thousands of Houstonians drive in and out of the city each day. On a past Houston Matters, we explored how we might improve that daily commute experience. But say we can’t. Assume that in the coming years you’re still stuck in the same traffic at the same time most every day. How does […]

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Houston Matters for Fri., Nov. 15, 2013

Posted on · As Houstonians hit the road in a couple weeks to travel in and out of town, visiting family and friends over Thanksgiving, this seems like an excellent time to be reminded of some of the rules of the road on Houston’s highways and byways. It’s an especially good time to freshen up on what to […]