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Houston Boardrooms Are Gradually Becoming More Diverse

Posted on · An article in the Houston Chronicle last month explored how more women are being brought into company boardrooms in Houston. With more young women encouraged to enter STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers and older execs retiring, the trend may continue. We discuss this and other ways Houston’s boardrooms may be changing with Stephen […]

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Counselor Helps Expats Adjust to Life in Houston

Posted on · If you€™’ve lived in Houston any length of time, chances are you€™’ve noticed the diversity of the city €“ and that a lot of people here were born in another country. This means plenty of Houstonians are adjusting €“ not just to living in a new city, but also to living in a completely different […]

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Why Houston’s Gifted and Talented Classes Are Considered ‘Segregated’

Posted on · In Texas public schools, students who show great promise are supposed to be enrolled in gifted and talented programs where they get extra attention, more challenging work, and with it more funding. But in the Houston Independent School District, students of color are so under-represented that one researcher has called gifted classes there "segregated." News […]

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Is Increasing Diversity Good Policy, or a Survival Strategy for Law Schools?

Posted on · This time last year, UH Law School Dean Leonard Baynes channeled the lingo of the oil and gas industry when he said he planned "to launch a pipeline to create more opportunities for minorities, economically challenged and other underserved students to attend law school." The University of Houston is not alone in this thinking. But […]

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Why Aren’t There More Ballet Dancers of Color? Discussing Diversity in Dance

Posted on · Ballet has found itself struggling to keep up with the times when it comes to diversifying. For more than 200 years, ballet positions like the arabesque and Plié have endured almost unchanged, but today the dancers performing these moves are no longer always white. Houston, which prides itself on being the most diverse city in […]

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New Sheriff Ron Hickman Discusses Changes to His Department and Diversity of His Staff

Posted on · On May 12, Harris County Commissioners appointed Ron Hickman as the interim county sheriff after former Sheriff Adrian Garcia stepped down to formally run for Houston mayor. Sheriff Hickman tells Houston Matters’ Maggie Martin about changes he’s made to the department since the appointment and answers criticism about the diversity of his staff.

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The Million: Stories of Houston’s Many Foreign-Born Residents

Posted on · In Harris County, more than one million residents – that's one in four people — were born in a foreign country. Today, Houston Public Media began its first installment in a year-long series called "The Million" with our partners at the Houston Chronicle. It explores how diversity shapes our region. The series started with a […]

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Texas Population Growth and The Million: Monday’s Show (March 30, 2015)

Posted on · Between recent census figures and a new report from the Office of the State Demographer, growth is the word on many people's lips in Texas. The report says the state’s population could double by 2050. That’s if migration patterns continue along the same trends seen from 2000 to 2010. On this edition of Houston Matters, […]