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Texans on Transportation, and Print vs. Digital Research: Houston Matters for Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Posted on · The Texas A&M Transportation Institute's policy research center recently completed its first Texas Transportation Poll. Researchers wanted to understand the attitudes and behaviors of Texans towards transportation. Some results won't surprise you: three out of four respondents say there's too much traffic in their neighborhoods. While 90 percent of Texans own or lease a vehicle. […]

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Advertising to Houstonians: How Advertisers Try to Stand Out

Posted on · There’s no arguing that advertising has changed in the digital and social media age. We explore how advertisers here must think differently about how to reach their intended market in an era where most anyone can buy most anything from most anyone else, anywhere, anytime. We also consider how, with so much competition, some advertisers […]

Houston Matters

Our Optometrist Answers Your Vision Questions

Posted on · As if nearsightedness, farsightedness, double vision, cataracts, and macular degeneration weren't enough, there's a new malady in town – digital eye strain. Yep, too many of us are using too many digital devices too much, and we're freaking out our eyes!! Whether that's a concern, or you just want to know why it is you […]


Digital Solution for Preservation Sake

Posted on · An historic but unused church in the Heights might be saved from the wrecking ball. Preservationists hope to convince owners of the property that the sanctuary could be converted into something that generates income. Pat Hernandez has the story.