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Crisis Hotline Helps Houstonians At Their Darkest Hour

Posted on · We talk with representatives of Crisis Intervention of Houston, which has operated a 24-hour telephone crisis counseling and information hotline since 1970. We discuss the history of the service, and the types of calls they receive today. The crisis hotline number is: 713-HOTLINE (713-468-5463).

Houston Matters

Mental Illness Presents Major Challenges for Houstonians

Posted on · For a number of years, the Texas Department of State Health Services surveyed Texans to determine their own perception of their mental health. They wanted to know how many respondents reported five or more days out of the year that they felt they were in poor mental health. Between 2000 and 2010, that percentage hovered […]

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Could ‘Deep Brain Stimulation’ Help Treat Depression When Other Options Fail?

Posted on · We learn about research being conducted here in Houston designed to treat people suffering from depression for whom traditional antidepressants and therapy don’t seem to work. We discuss what’s known as “deep brain stimulation,” and why some believe it can succeed where other treatments for depression sometimes fall short.

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Home Foreclosures and Financial Literacy: Houston Matters for Wed., Feb. 26, 2014

Posted on · Much has been made recently about the housing industry here in Houston – home prices are up. It’s a seller’s market. It’s also a market that has its share of foreclosures. A recent study from the University of Houston’s Hobby Center for Public Policy examines the factors that contribute to foreclosures in Houston. Over 16 […]


Holiday Blues vs. Depression

Posted on · This time of year can be difficult for many people as they struggle with what's known as the holiday blues. Mental health experts say people need to know the difference between having the blues and suffering from something more serious.


Postpartum Psychosis and Depression

Posted on · The illness known as postpartum depression is being talked about these days in the wake of a Houston mother burying her baby alive. But family members say the woman had a mental illness long before she gave birth. Bill Stamps reports — experts say it's the combination of psychosis and depression that can often prove deadly.