Next Question (Ep 6): Texas Special Education, Barbara Taylor Bradford, And The Regrettes

Posted on · This week, Ernie and Laura Isensee discuss the state's position on Special Education, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of A Women of Substance, and share the music of The Regrettes.

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Athletes Need Treatment For Mental Health Issues As Much As Sore Ankles

Posted on · Mental health issues are common among athletes and are just as important to treat as physical injuries, according to a Houston-area sports psychologist and sports medicine specialist.

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Should You Tell Your Employer About Your Mental Illness?

Posted on · We all know what "coming out" means, but what if we shifted our thoughts on that? Mental illness, whether we like it or not, still has a social stigma attached to it. So what happens if a person decides to "come out" at work as having depression or schizophrenia or social anxiety — or any […]

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Treating Bipolar Disorder in Houston

Posted on · Whether you realize it or not, you might know someone battling with a mental illness, because nearly one in five American adults are. One such mental illness is bipolar disorder, which can manifest itself as pretty extreme mood swings, ranging from euphoric or irritable to depressed. We discuss bipolar disorder and how it’s treated in […]