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Civilians Shot By HPD: A Closer Look at the Numbers

Posted on · Officer-involved civilian shootings have been under greater scrutiny in recent years, after several high-profile cases nationwide. But what about closer to home? According to data recently analyzed by the Houston Chronicle, over the last six years, Houston Police Department officers have shot at least 274 civilians while on duty. We learn more about those shootings […]

Houston Matters

HPD Chief Charles McClelland Answers Your Questions

Posted on · From recent developments shaking the relationship between police and the community at large, to the impact the state’s new open carry law may have as it takes effect in January, to ongoing concerns about burglaries, homicides, and other criminal activity in the city of Houston and how it’s all investigated, there’s a lot that’s crime-related […]

Houston Matters

Houston Workshop Teaches Minorities How to Interact with the Police

Posted on · Among the lessons learned from the developments of recent months in Ferguson, Mo., is the need for law enforcement and the community it serves to engage with one another. It’s a topic we explored on Houston Matters back in August. We discussed how, here in Houston, the Teen and Police Service or TAPS Academy seeks […]

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