Houston Matters

Full Show: Dealing With Social Media Backlash, and Texas After the Civil War (Aug. 13, 2018)

Posted on · On Monday's Houston Matters: We discuss how local arts organizations view sexual assault allegations. We examine how local businesses deal with social media landmines. We learn what life was like for freed slaves in Texas after the Civil War. Veterinarian Dr. Lori Teller answers your pet care questions. And Jeff Balke updates us on local sports.

Houston Matters

Composer Philip Glass Discusses His Houston Ties, His Cats and Performing with David Bowie

Posted on · There is something unmistakable about Philip Glass's music. The repetitions, the layering, the crescendos and decrescendos, the cyclical nature of his melodies and chord structures. Even if you've never heard a work of his before, it sticks out as undeniably a Philip Glass composition. He is also a singular personality, as News 88.7 arts and […]

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