Houston Matters

Preparing for Ukrainian refugees in Houston (March 28, 2022)

Posted on · On Monday's show: How a Houston nonprofit is preparing to welcome Ukrainian refugees, NASA opens a long-sealed container of moon rocks, fighting gridlock in the quest to stop climate change, and an update on Houston sports.

Energy & Environment

While Texas Lawmakers Target Renewables, The State’s ‘Thermal Fleet’ Threatens Grid Stability Yet Again

Posted on · The state’s grid operator warned of a possible energy emergency on the grid Tuesday. It said slightly warmer-than-expected weather was part of the problem, but it was really the fact that coal, gas and nuclear power were offline all at once.

Houston Matters

Wind: The Number One Renewable Energy Source in Texas

Posted on · We’re setting aside time each Thursday in the coming weeks to discuss developments in energy production in Texas. Last week, we talked about solar power in Houston. In the coming weeks, we’ll discuss nuclear and other forms of energy. Today, we turn our attention to wind power and talk with Michael Skelly, founder and president […]