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How Law Enforcement Deals with Open Carriers Amidst Rising Tensions

Posted on · Three law enforcement officers were fatally shot – and three more wounded – Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. State police officials today say the shooter "was targeting officers." The attack on police, of course, follows the one in Dallas just eleven days ago at an otherwise peaceful protest organized in response to two high-profile […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

Reaction to Police Shootings and the Attack on Dallas Police

Posted on · Normally each Friday we ask a panel of “non-experts” to discuss The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the week’s news. However, today we ask Natalie Arceneaux, Joe Holley and Marcus Davis simply to react to the fatal police shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge this week, along with the attack on law enforcement […]

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After the Dallas Police Attack, How Do We Ensure Future Protests are Peaceful & Safe?

Posted on · In light of the attack on Dallas police at a protest rally, we consider what we can do to ensure future protests and rallies are peaceful, that dialogue is thoughtful and that action is useful here in Houston — and across the nation — as we try to come to grips with all the violence […]

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How Are Police Trained to Use Deadly Force?

Posted on · In a week when two police shootings involving African-American men sparked outrage and debate across the nation — and an apparently retaliatory attack against police in Dallas — we wanted to get a law enforcement perspective on the week’s events. Former police officer and law enforcement expert Dr. Melissa Hamilton of the University of Houston […]