Good, Bad and Ugly

New Rules for the Homeless, and Gov. Abbott’s Gang Plan: The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · A lot can happen in a week. Some of it good. Some of it bad. Some of it downright ugly. When faced with intriguing developments in the week's news, we turn to our rotating panel of "non-experts" to parse The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of it all. This week, our panel weighs in […]

Houston Matters

How Plant DNA Can Provide Clues for Law Enforcement

Posted on · Two recent studies conducted at Sam Houston State University highlight developments in the field of forensic botany. One uses marijuana DNA to link drug supplies; another uses pollen DNA to aid in forensic investigations. Paige Phelps talks with forensic geneticist Dr. David Gangitano about forensic botany and how the study of plant DNA can be […]

Houston Matters

Forensic Anthropology: What a Corpse Can Tell You

Posted on · Recently we got an email from the Harris County Institute of Forensic Science, and it was looking for some information on next of kin in the cases of some recent deaths. It's not uncommon to get emails like that in the newsroom, and it's always a difficult thing to think about that there are bodies […]

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