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How a Supreme Court Ruling Against North Carolina Might Affect How Political Districts in Texas Are Drawn

Posted on · Gerrymandering is the process by which congressional districts are drawn in a way that heavily favors one party over the other. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina had violated the Constitution by doing this very thing — drawing district lines according to race. After similar rulings in Alabama and Virginia, could Texas […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

Houston Area Survey, and Rewriting the Constitution: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of the News

Posted on · A lot can happen in a week. Some of it good. Some of it bad. Some of it downright ugly. When faced with intriguing developments in the week’s news, we turn to our rotating panel of “non-experts” to parse The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of it all. This week, our panel weighs in on […]

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What Should Be the 28th Amendment?

Posted on · Today we observe National Constitution Day and ask you to tell us what’s so important to you that you would want it added to the U.S. Constitution as the 28th Amendment. Among the 27 Amendments in place are the first ten, aka the Bill of Rights, which address matters ranging from speech to religion to guns. […]

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Inside the Latest Battles in the Long War Over Prayer in School

Posted on · Last year, the American Humanist Association sued the Birdville Independent School District, northeast of Fort Worth, over its practice of opening school board meetings with student-delivered prayers. In the year since, the two sides have tussled over motions to dismiss. Most recently, the school district has appealed to have the case against individual school board […]

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Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About the Constitution

Posted on · Amid recent developments in the news, there have been examples of Americans citing their Constitutional rights in ways that suggest they don’t know what’s actually in the U.S. Constitution. We discuss a few such examples, and seek to debunk some common misconceptions about what the language in the Constitution actually states. We welcome your questions and comments […]

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Green Party and HISD Superintendent Finalist: Monday’s Show (August 8, 2016)

Posted on · Delegates of the Green Party met at the University of Houston on Saturday (Aug. 6, 2016) to nominate Dr. Jill Stein as their presidential candidate. The Green Party is one of a few so-called “third parties” that have sought to make inroads in recent election cycles, with varying success. On this edition of Houston Matters, […]