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A Tour of Influential Places in the Houston Rap Scene

Posted on · We’ve discussed the history and culture of Houston Hip-Hop on this program before, but recently the Houston Press ran an article called “10 Possible Houston Rap Tourism Destinations” meant to introduce newcomers to the history of rap in H-town – as well as help native Houstonians learn more about the people and places who helped […]

Houston Matters

The Man at the Center of Houston’s 80s Punk Rock Scene

Posted on · There are some music aficionados who'll steadfastly declare that punk is dead. Whether that's true or not, the punk rock scene in Houston was once very much alive. With bands like Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys and lesser-known Houston groups like Really Red and the Mydolls, Houston's punk scene in the 1980s was vibrant and […]

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Scott McCloud Discusses The Art of Making Comics

Posted on · Cartoonist and Author Scott McCloud talks about his passion for comics and the theory behind the comics medium. McCloud is the author of works including Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. MORE: Scott McCloud’s Extended Interview from 2014 with Houston Matters’ Conner Clifton

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Weird Houston, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, and Houston’s Chess Scene: Houston Matters for Friday, March 21, 2014

Posted on · Every city has its quirks. Some have more than others. We’ve long heard that Austin has – and flaunts – a reputation for being the quirky capital of Texas. But Houston brings its own bits of weirdness too. On this edition of Houston Matters, we welcome your examples of Houston’s quirkiness. From the big air […]

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The Hispanic Vote, Curling & Valentine’s Day Angst: Houston Matters for Thurs., Feb. 13, 2014

Posted on · A new Gallup poll calls into question the conventional wisdom that changing demographics in Texas might lead to a change in statewide political power. The concept goes like this: more and more Hispanics are in Texas every year. Historically, they’re a voting bloc that leans heavily Democratic. Therefore, changing demographics in Texas suggest Democrats might […]

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What Does it Take to Grow a Championship Beard or Mustache?

Posted on · Last month, you might have noticed a surprising increase in facial hair around the city of Houston. There’s a chance it was the result of “No-Shave November,” which aims to raise awareness for men’s health issues and get people to embrace facial hair. But Houston Matters’ Conner Clifton, who himself grew a mustache in November, […]


Spring Intern 2013: Conner Clifton

Posted on · Conner Clifton got his start in storytelling as a child when he would be sent to the principal’s office and had a find a way to escape punishment. Since then, he’s moved from fibbing and prefers to stick to the facts. In the fall of 2009, he was an intern in the KUHF Newslab and […]