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Full Show: Rep. Gene Green, And Conversations We’re Thankful For (Nov. 21, 2017)

Posted on · On Tuesday's Houston Matters: Rep. Gene Green talks about his decision to retire. We preview the Dynamo's playoff series against Seattle. And we revisit conversations from the past year that we're thankful for -- everything from a story about Scrabble clubs to a visit to the Moody Gardens aquarium.

Houston Matters

Retiring Rep. Gene Green Sees Dwindling Opportunities For Compromise In Congress

Posted on · Green spent much of his congressional career in the minority, and he often sought to work with Republicans for the good of his constituents. But he found GOP efforts to block, then repeal, the Affordable Care Act frustrating, describing it as "legislative malpractice"

Houston Matters

Congressman Gene Green Wants to Abolish the Electoral College

Posted on · Is it an idea whose time has come, or just sour grapes? After watching his Democrats lose two presidential elections in 16 years despite winning the popular vote, Congressman Gene Green of Houston wants to abolish the Electoral College. Rep. Green last month introduced legislation in the U.S. House calling for a Constitutional Amendment to […]


Houston Congressmen Call For Nearly $2 Billion In Emergency Funding To Fight Zika

Posted on · Reps. Gene and Al Green are pushing for Congress to appropriate the full amount the White House has requested for the effort to combat the mosquito-borne disease. The House of Representatives has allocated less than a third, while the Senate has agreed to little more than half.