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Was Expanding the Katy Freeway Worth It?

Posted on · In 2004, the American Highway Users Alliance labeled the Katy Freeway at 610 as the second worst bottleneck in the nation. Of course, the group had a motive: they were lobbying to increase federal highway spending. But after a $2.5 billion-plus expansion of the Katy Freeway, was it worth the headache and cost? In the […]

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Why Does Houston Traffic Keep Getting More Congested?

Posted on · It might come as no surprise to Houston drivers to learn congestion in the area has increased. That's according to a recent report from GPS developer TomTom, which says Houston ranks 12th in the country when it comes to traffic. We discuss why traffic in Houston is getting worse — and what plans the Texas […]

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Checking in on the State of Houston’s Transportation

Posted on · We continue our week-long series exploring "The State of Houston" with a conversation about transportation in Greater Houston. We talk with News 88.7 Transportation Reporter Gail Delaughter about transportation issues that affect Houstonians and the region — everything from public transit, to highway construction to traffic congestion.

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Texans on Transportation, and Print vs. Digital Research: Houston Matters for Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Posted on · The Texas A&M Transportation Institute's policy research center recently completed its first Texas Transportation Poll. Researchers wanted to understand the attitudes and behaviors of Texans towards transportation. Some results won't surprise you: three out of four respondents say there's too much traffic in their neighborhoods. While 90 percent of Texans own or lease a vehicle. […]