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How Bad Does Your Commute Have to Get Before You’ll Move or Change Jobs?

Posted on · How long is too long to drive to and from work or school each day? How much traffic will you endure before you get fed up and either move or change your transportation habits? These are questions many Houstonians face, particularly if they want to live in a neighborhood far from where they work or […]

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Future Transportation Plans for Houston, and The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of the News: Friday’s Show (June 9, 2017)

Posted on · The Transportation Advocacy Group (TAG) is hosting their second annual State of Mobility event on June 8, where Mayor Sylvester Turner will talk about his ideas for the future of Houston transportation. On this edition of Houston Matters, we talk with TAG’s executive director, Andrea French, to discuss funding the future of Mayor Turner's vision, […]

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Improving the Often-Excruciating Last Mile of Your Commute

Posted on · You might've heard the term "the last mile" in different contexts. In the transportation planning world, it refers to that beginning or ending connection a commuter has to make to get to their destination. Whether that's starting up your car for home after exiting the Park and Ride station or hoping off your bike to […]

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Rerouting Houston Buses: A Closer Look at Metro’s New Bus Routes

Posted on · On Sunday (Aug. 16, 2015), METRO is launching a major redesign to its bus routes. The intention is to boost ridership and remove vehicles from already crowded roads. But for some riders, it could mean a longer walk to get on a bus and more time to get to their destinations. This week on News […]

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Red Light Cameras in Houston: The History, Controversy and Legacy

Posted on · We all witness it from time to time (heck, some of us might willingly admit doing it ourselves): running a red light. Unfortunately, what may seem to some as a fleeting and relatively innocuous offense can have terrible consequences, as evidenced last month by the deaths of four people in southwest Harris County. A suspected […]

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Why Are Houston Drivers Supposedly the Rudest in the Nation?

Posted on · A recent study released by Auto Vantage suggests Houstonians are the rudest drivers in the country. Yep – worse than Los Angeles, notorious for traffic snarls and drive-by shootings. Worse than New York, a city that has long reveled in its perceived aggressiveness and intense traffic. How did we get here? Whether you accept this […]

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More Houstonians Are Beating Traffic By Working From Home

Posted on · Sometimes the traffic in Houston just makes you want to stay home from work. Some companies are making it easier for employees to do just that by offering the option to telecommute. We learn about telecommuting in Houston and welcome your questions for Veronica Baxter-Lamb, Transportation Program Coordinator for the Houston-Galveston Area Council's Commute Solutions […]

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What’s the Worst Mistake You’ve Made in Houston Traffic?

Posted on · Houstonians love to complain about the bad drivers they encounter in our city’s often ridiculous traffic. But it’s always the other guy’s fault, right? Well, what if (just once in a while, of course) it was our fault? What’s your worst driving moment? What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made behind the wheel in Houston traffic, […]

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How Have You Changed Your Life to Deal with the Houston Commute?

Posted on · Hundreds of thousands of Houstonians drive in and out of the city each day. On a past Houston Matters, we explored how we might improve that daily commute experience. But say we can’t. Assume that in the coming years you’re still stuck in the same traffic at the same time most every day. How does […]

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How TxDOT Prepares for Icy Roads

Posted on · Sleet and ice in Houston. Again. What? As Greater Houston gears up for more icy weather today, we'll check in with TxDOT's Karen Othon about current road conditions and what the Houston District Emergency Operations Center has already done to pre-treat roads. And for any motorists who simply must drive Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll discuss […]