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Future of NASA and Space, and Theatres on the Move: Houston Matters for Thursday, August 21, 2014

Posted on · Houston was once Space City – but it simply may not be anymore. As government priorities change, privatization nudges out NASA, and we hitch Russian rides to the space station, what's Houston's role in space? On this edition of Houston Matters, we talk with the Houston Chronicle “Sci Guy” Eric Berger about the future of […]

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Alice in Wonderland Unscripted: Improv Group Puts Oddball Twists on Classic Stories

Posted on · In the last year, the folks at ComedySportz Houston, late on Saturday nights, have been recreating some classic stories in oddball ways. They turn to the audience for suggested replacements in character occupations, props, and settings, and then improvise a staged adaptation of the tale in question. Think Star Wars, but with mops instead of […]

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Running a Restaurant, Invasive Species & Alice in Wonderland Unscripted: Houston Matters for Tues., Feb. 18, 2014

Posted on · Greater Houston can lay claim to a lot – we have a thriving oil and gas industry, we’re a major player in health care, our population’s on the rise, we’re diverse, we’re young, we’re…stuck in traffic. We can also tout our varied and growing restaurant industry. There are few things we’re missing in Greater Houston, […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

Houston Home Sales, HISD Literacy Plans, & Reasons Not to Move to Austin? The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · An all-time high in Houston home sales, modifying HISD’s literacy plans, and reasons not to move to Austin? It’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Houston news. Our panel of decided non-experts this week are: Kyrie O’Connor of the Houston Chronicle, Dianah Dulany of ComedySportz Houston, and Frederick J. Goodall, author of parenting […]

Houston Matters

What’s It Take to Be Funny in Houston? Comedians & Improv Artists Discuss

Posted on · We all need a good laugh now and then. But does Houston have enough chuckles to offer six million plus people the punch lines they covet? We’ll talk with a panel of Houston-area comedians about stand-up, improv comedy, and other signs of laughter in H-town. Our panel includes: Comedian Ty Mahany; veteran stand up Andy […]

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