Town Square

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Discusses His Latest Book On Racial Justice

Posted on · We take a closer look at who are the people around us, and who we truly are with the help of CNN Anchor Don Lemon and an in-depth study from the University of Chicago.

Houston Matters

Refugees Farming to Make a Living Wage

Posted on · Plant It Forward Farms is a Houston based non-profit that aims to employ refugees through an urban farmer program that teaches refugees how to make a living wage from farming an acre of land. Plant It Forward Farms’ success caught the eye of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain and was featured on the show “Anthony Bourdain: Parts […]

Houston Matters

State of TV News and Best Breakfast Joints: Houston Matters Weekend for November 5, 2016

Posted on · On this edition of Houston Matters Weekend, we talk with veteran TV journalists to discuss the current state of TV news — both locally and nationally. Our round table includes former CNN correspondent Kelli Arena, who's now the executive director of the Global Center for Journalism and Democracy at Sam Houston State University. We also […]