Houston Matters

Full Show: Exxon Mobil Lawsuit, and the Future of Retail (Oct. 25, 2018)

Posted on · On Thursday's Houston Matters: We learn about a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil. We discuss the changing landscape of brick-and-mortar retail. And Jonathan Feigen shares his 100 Things Rockets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die.

Houston Matters

Full Show: Political Roundup, and the Portrayal of Disabilities in the Media (Oct. 10, 2018)

Posted on · On Wednesday's Houston Matters: We learn about Texans helping Florida prepare for Hurricane Michael. Then, we discuss local efforts to reduce climate change. Plus, our experts break down the latest political news. We discuss how disabilities are depicted in the media. And we learn about a new prequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Houston Matters

Full Show: Heart Transplant Program Losing Federal Funds, And Lessons From Hurricane Rita (Aug. 17, 2018)

Posted on · On Friday's Houston Matters: We learn how the loss of federal funding for the heart transplant program at Baylor St. Luke's will affect patients. We examine the lessons learned from Hurricane Rita. Our non-experts discuss The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the week’s news. And we learn how a melting glacier in Iceland could affect Houston.

Hurricane Season

Ep 1: The Great Galveston Hurricane (Sept. 7-9, 1900)

Posted on · "Hurricane Season" is an eight-episode podcast that explores how major storms going back to 1900 greatly impacted Greater Houston people and policies