South African President and activist Nelson Mandela Photographer: John Parkin from Associated Press
University of Texas at Austin professor, Author of Civil War By Other Means, historian and host of the This is Democracy podcast, Jeremi Suri
Film Producer, Jeffery Robinson


I SEE U, Episode 64: Pursuing A More Perfect Union with Legal Expert Jeffery Robinson [Encore]

Posted on · Racial justice activist and legal expert, Jeffery Robinson, admits that he’s not about bashing America or making someone feel guilty about what happened hundreds of years ago—he simply holds a passionate advocacy for providing new perspectives on the truth of our American history. This episode is an encore of the October 29, 2022 original broadcast.

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I SEE U, Episode 88: The Blood-Stained Banner Of Juneteenth

Posted on · Filmmaker Dru Holley and historian Cale Carter use JUNETEENTH as a backdrop and examine the untold history and complex legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers, the all-Black military regiments who primarily served on the Western frontier following the Civil War.

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