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Officials Hope New System Will Simplify the Hunt for Downtown Parking

Posted on · We’ve all probably had the experience of circling around the city blocks in downtown Houston trying to find parking. City officials say all those cars searching for an open space make downtown traffic more congested and worsen air pollution from automobile exhaust. To help simplify that experience, Houston City Council recently approved an agreement with […]

Houston Matters

As if Surviving Houston Traffic Isn’t Bad Enough — Then You Have to Park Somewhere

Posted on · In a sprawling metropolis like ours, where so many of us drive everywhere we go, getting there is half the battle. The other half is finding a place to park. And when you can’t find the space you want, it’s tempting to park where you’re not supposed to. We discuss the policies in place to […]

Houston Matters

We Answer Your Questions About Houston Parking Policies

Posted on · Besides Houston traffic and the often-complained-about Houston roads, parking is one of Greater Houston’s biggest transportation concerns — the availability of it and regulations surrounding it. So today, we welcome any questions you may have about parking policies in the city of Houston for Maria Irshad, Assistant Director of the City of Houston Parking Management, […]

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