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A View of Modern China Along the ‘Street of Eternal Happiness’

Posted on · Rob Schmitz is a veteran public radio reporter who’s spent most of his career living and working in China. Near where he lives in Shanghai is a street with an interesting name – and with many interesting people who illustrate a lot about the changing face of the Chinese culture and economy in recent years. […]

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Electric Bills and Climate Change: Thursday’s Show (August 4, 2016)

Posted on · Starting next month (Sept. 1, 2016), CenterPoint Energy customers will begin seeing a change on their bill. The energy company recently raised the price it charges for transporting electricity from the provider to customers’ homes by about 65 cents per month. As Houston Public Media reported back in May, CenterPoint wanted to charge more — […]

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The Fate of Sandy Phan-Gillis, Houstonian Detained in China

Posted on · About a year ago, Houstonian Sandy Phan-Gillis was detained in China, accused by officials there of stealing state secrets. She’s remained there ever since. Last week (July 14, 2016), Newsweek reported China will, in fact, charge Phan-Gillis with violating its national security. We discuss the situation with John Kamm, a human rights campaigner from the […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

Destination Texas, Imprisoned in China and Free Opera for the Laid Off: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · From Texas being the top destination to move to from out of state; to a Houstonian being jailed in China; to free opera subscription renewals for laid-off oil and gas employees: we discuss The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of this week’s news. Our panel of non-experts this week includes: Wayne Ashley, the author […]

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What Role Does China Play in Houston’s Economy?

Posted on · China is one of Houston's top trading partners. According to World Institute for Strategic Economic Research data cited in an HSBC Group/Greater Houston Partnership report, in 2013, total exports and imports combined between Houston and China were around $13.4 billion. Houston Public Media business reporter Andrew Schneider will join us to discuss how trade and […]

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Interacting with Police, Trade with China, and Spongebob: Houston Matters for Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014

Posted on · Among the lessons learned from the developments of recent months in Ferguson, Mo., is the need for law enforcement and the community it serves to engage with one another. It’s a topic we explored on Houston Matters back in August. We discussed how, here in Houston, the Teen and Police Service or TAPS Academy seeks […]