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The famous “Doll Test” and understanding racial identity

Posted on · The "Doll Test" was a psychological study conducted to test the racial perceptions of young children that proved to be crucial for understanding segregation's effect on black children.

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How The Pandemic’s Affecting Our Children (Oct. 22, 2020)

Posted on · On Thursday's show: Addressing an increase in violent crime, how the pandemic's affecting the social development of kids, and staging socially-distanced theatre in people's backyards.

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Navigating Adolescence: New UH Clinic Aims to Help Families

Posted on · Adolescence can be a challenge both for the kid going through it — and for that adolescent’s family and friends. Now, a new clinic recently opened at the University of Houston to help kids and parents to navigate. It’s called the Adolescent Diagnosis, Assessment, Prevention and Treatment Center — or ADAPT. We talk with the […]

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At What Age Should We Stop Protecting Our Kids from Harsh Realities?

Posted on · There are many harsh realities in the world, many of which we have to explain to our children at some point, but how do parents determine what to explain and when? In other words, when does childhood innocence end and experience begin? We discuss that issue with parenting blogger Fred Goodall and Dr. Megan Mooney, […]

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Is Corporal Punishment a Relic or Still Relevant?

Posted on · The case of NFL star Adrian Peterson being accused of child abuse has brought the topic of corporal punishment to the minds of the nation and many in Greater Houston. Many have criticized his alleged actions — but plenty have defended him saying they were also hit by their parents growing up. On this edition […]