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How Religious Orgs Balance Community Service & Proselytizing

Posted on · We discuss how religious organizations throughout Greater Houston often find themselves engaged on two fronts: supporting their own congregants with services and events based on their particular religious beliefs, and providing services to the community at large, based on the moral convictions of the congregation, regardless of whether those served hold similar religious views. Along […]

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How Buying a New Cell Phone Cover Helps a Girl Learn to Read

Posted on · How does buying a fashionable new cell phone case help a girl in a developing country learn to read? A Houston company called Mrked makes fashionable cell phone cases and shares its profits with Room to Read, an organization that helps provide education for girls in Asian and African countries. We’ll hear from one of […]

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Banning Native American Mascots, Charity Scams & City Council Runoffs: Houston Matters for Thurs., Dec. 12, 2013

Posted on · HISD today may take its first steps towards a policy prohibiting the use of certain Native American mascots and symbols some deem offensive or culturally insensitive. While some consider such representations offensive, others characterize them as symbols of respect. Still others see such labels as political correctness run amok. We’ll discuss. Also: ‘Tis the season […]


Warning About Holiday Charity Scams

Posted on · Lots of people like to donate to charities this time of year, but consumer advocates warn there are some individuals who want to take advantage of that goodwill. They say you need to ask questions if someone calls asking for a donation, even if they sound legitimate.


Houston Church Helps Homeless Single Mothers

Posted on · A newly-renovated facility in Houston's Third Ward is offering a second chance to homeless women hoping to turn their lives around. Gail Delaughter reports — it's part of an effort by a local church to help single mothers develop the skills they need to succeed in the workplace and as parents.


Houston Charities Among the Best in Nation

Posted on · Houston ranks second in the nation for the financial health of charities. As Laurie Johnson reports — the city's largest non-profits were compared to those in 29 other metropolitan areas and beat out all but one city.