Party Politics, National Edition Ep. 35: The Trouble With Taxes

Posted on · “To deal with the budget resolutions, to deal with the debt ceiling, to deal with DACA…it seems almost impossible that they’re going to be able to get this through both houses and signed in about a week and a half ” – Jay Aiyer, co-host of Party Politics, on the nearly impossible list of tasks Congress has to tackle before the Christmas break

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Is Houston on the A-List? Plus Rod Rice Retires & The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Houston News: Houston Matters for Friday, January 17, 2014

Posted on · On this edition of Houston Matters, we take up the notion of Houston as an “A-list” city, in terms of concerts and performing arts, the sports world, and among foodies. As a city “up there” with other major cities in those specific worlds. Do the top performers make a point of touring here? Do we […]