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Houston Poet Tells Modern Stories with an Old Art Form: Sonnets

Posted on · When you think of sonnets, perhaps your mind goes immediately to Shakespeare and rhyming, metered verse that’s often about love. But Houston poet Cedric Ary attempts to lend the art form to modern subject matter. Despite being known more for spoken-word poetry and poetry slams, he tells Houston Public Media's Catherine Lu sonnets were his […]

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Space City or the Silicon Bayou: Tuesday’s Show (May 5, 2015)

Posted on · Seeing as how Houston is Space City, we thought it might be appropriate, from time to time, to catch up on developments in outer space exploration. On this edition of Houston Matters, we discuss a number of space-related topics with Dr. Carolyn Sumners, the VP of Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s George […]

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