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State Water Plan and DeLoreans: Friday’s Show (March 11, 2016)

Posted on · DeLoreans are going back into production…in Humble. The stainless-steel-bodied cars with gull-wing doors haven’t been manufactured since the DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt back in 1982. But the car grew in pop cultural consciousness thanks to the Back to the Future trilogy. Now, a new company, and new owners, amid changes to some laws regulating […]

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Haggling at the Car Dealer: Why Does it Have to Be that Way?

Posted on · Since we discussed whether Texas could change the dealership model of how it allows cars to be sold in Texas, we decided to talk about what some see as the most onerous part of that model: the back-and-forth negotiations between the customer and the car salesman. Why is it we buy and sell cars this […]

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Will Texas Ever Allow Car Makers Like Tesla Sell Directly to the Consumer?

Posted on · Elon Musk’s auto company Tesla Motors sells electric cars directly to the public through self-owned stores, not dealers. It’s a shift in approach for the auto industry, which has operated for a century with dealerships serving as the middle man between automakers and consumers. But Tesla can’t open stores in Texas, or four other U.S. […]

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