Camp Logan Court Martial

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What it took to get the Camp Logan soldiers’ convictions overturned

Posted on · A researcher from South Texas College of Law Houston talks about the work she and other students did to help bring justice to Black soldiers convicted in connection with the 1917 Houston Riots.


Houston Matters

New search warrants in case tied to former Hidalgo aides (Nov. 13, 2023)

Posted on · On Monday's show: We learn the latest about new search warrants being issued in a case involving former aides of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo related to a canceled COVID-19 contract.

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I SEE U, Episode 88: The Blood-Stained Banner Of Juneteenth

Posted on · Filmmaker Dru Holley and historian Cale Carter use JUNETEENTH as a backdrop and examine the untold history and complex legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers, the all-Black military regiments who primarily served on the Western frontier following the Civil War.


Houston Matters

HISD under new management (June 12, 2023)

Posted on · On Monday's show: The first days of Houston’s public schools under new management have been dramatic. We assess the opening days of a new era for Houston ISD.

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