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Buffalo Bayou Restoration and Liver Cancer Research: Houston Matters for Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Posted on · Houston residents have until the end of this month to submit public comments on a plan to eliminate vegetation and trees along the banks of a one-and-a-half-mile stretch of Buffalo Bayou running from the southeast corner of Memorial Park to the eastern edge of River Oaks Country Club. The Harris County Flood Control District says […]

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Builders Try to Cross Buffalo Bayou on ‘Anything That Floats’

Posted on · What if someone gave you some miscellaneous building materials and told you to make a water craft that could carry a person across Buffalo Bayou? Well, that’s exactly what competitors try to do at the Rice Design Alliance’s annual “Anything That Floats” competition. The event is Saturday, April 12, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. […]

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Crime, Oil Spill Update, ICE, & Kayaking Buffalo Bayou: Houston Matters for Wed., March 26, 2014

Posted on · When you’re the fourth largest city in the country, crime is an inevitable part of life. But what crimes? And how prevalent are they? Houston Police Department statistics offer a glimpse. In January of this year, HPDÂ says there were more than 11,300 crimes reported across the city of Houston. More than half were thefts; […]


Lawmakers Push To Make Buffalo Bayou, Ship Channel Heritage Areas

Posted on · Buffalo Bayou could become a National Heritage Area. But they don't come with some of the land-use restrictions that are often part of historical sites. U.S. representative Gene Green announced today that he, along with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, are introducing a bill that would designate buffalo bayou as the first National Heritage site in Texas. David Pitman explains what that means for the bayou, and the port.