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Can Universities Justify Massive Endowments While Raising Tuition?

Posted on · Amid rising tuition, some members of Congress want to know how private universities use their massive endowments. The lawmakers recently sent a letter to a number of schools, including Rice, Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Christian University, asking for a response. To learn more,we ask Houston Chronicle higher education reporter Benjamin Wermund what prompted […]

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Expert Advice for Filing Your 2014 Taxes

Posted on · TheÂApril 15 tax deadline is just over a month away. And tax time always tend to add a little bit of stress to many people’s lives. Filing taxes, after all,Âcan be complicated, butÂHouston Matters isÂhere to help! WeÂwelcome your questions forÂaÂpair of tax experts, who can address everything fromÂnew tax laws to eligibleÂdeductions to the […]

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Tax Prep and Accordion Throwdown: Thursday’s show (March 5, 2015)

Posted on ·   TheApril 15 tax deadline is just over a month away. Tax time always tends to add some stress to our lives. Preparing yourtaxes, after all,can be complicated, butHouston Matters ishere to help! On this edition of the program, wewelcome your questions forapair of tax experts, who can address everything fromnew tax laws to eligibledeductions […]