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Could Houston Make a Successful Break from Texas?

Posted on · The recent “Brexit” – Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union – has led to conjecture about a lot of things, from the long-term international economic impact of the move, to what it might signal about U.S. trade policy, to somewhat less serious musings, like Ken Hoffman’s recent column in the Houston Chronicle, which […]

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Houston Expats Discuss Great Britain’s Vote to Leave the European Union

Posted on · Last week (July 13, 2016), Theresa May became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, only the second woman to hold that office. She took office after David Cameron resigned following the so-called “Brexit” vote – the referendum where voters chose to leave the European Union. We hear the thoughts of two British expats in Houston. […]

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The Eighties Oil Bust and Local Brexit Reactions: Tuesday’s Show (July 19, 2016)

Posted on · Slogging through an economic slowdown after a period of rapid growth can be frustrating – it can also be easy to lose perspective. On this edition of Houston Matters, we travel back in time 30 years to July of 1986, with the help of Houston Matters' new WABAC machine! Also with the help of an […]

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