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Full Show: White Oak Music Hall Lawsuit, And Astronaut Scott Kelly (Oct. 19,2017)

Posted on · On Thursday's Houston Matters: We get an update on the lawsuit over White Oak Music Hall. Then, former astronaut Scott Kelly talks about his experiences on the International Space Station. And former astronaut Leland Melvin talks about how a dropped pass in a high school football game led him to space.

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Veteran: Writing About War Isn’t the Best Therapy – But it Helps

Posted on · Houston native Brian Van Reet is a veteran of the Iraq War. While he’s written a fictionalized account of three soldiers’ experiences in Iraq called Spoils, he says writing about war isn’t necessarily the best therapy, in his opinion. He says it’s too public, and the process is too tedious. However, many veterans like him do see value […]

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LGBTQ Issues in Houston, and Writing About War: Thursday’s Show (June 22, 2017)

Posted on · (Above: Rainbow crosswalks now adorn all four corners of the intersection of Westheimer and Taft in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood in honor of LGBTQ pride. Photo: Gail Delaughter, Houston Public Media)This is Houston Pride Week, one of the largest LGBTQ celebrations in the country. And last Monday (June 12, 2017) marked the one-year anniversary of the shooting […]

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What Happens When Humans Start Reading — and Altering — Their Own User Manual?

Posted on · (Above: Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, cancer researcher and author. Photo: Deborah Feingold) What happens when a machine begins to read its own instruction manual? No, I’m not talking about Skynet (from the Terminator films) but rather humanity’s rapidly increasing understanding of its genome – the code that makes us who were are. We’ve mapped it and identified genes […]

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How a Comedian Ran for Mayor In Iceland and Won — Then Fell In Love with Houston

Posted on · (Above: Houston Public Media’s Edel Howlin poses in 2015 with comedian Jon Gnarr, who once served at the mayor of Iceland’s biggest city.) It’s not that surprising to find all sorts of interesting people rolling through Houston. It is, after all, the nation’s fourth-largest city. And we’re a major player in all sorts of industries. […]

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Writer Lindy West on Confronting Her Internet Troll and Reclaiming the Word ‘Fat’

Posted on · (Above: Lindy West is the author of “Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman.” Photo: Michael Hagerty, Houston Public Media) We all know the anonymity of the Internet can often bring out the worst in people. But what if you had to face someone who’s harassed you online – in person? That’s what happened to writer Lindy West. […]

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Richard Russo Revisits Fictional Blue-Collar New York Town in ‘Everybody’s Fool’

Posted on · Author Richard Russo is known for his novels, such as Empire Falls, which won him the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2002. His third novel, Nobody’s Fool (1993), took place in North Bath, N.Y., a blue-collar, Rust Belt town. But Russo just couldn’t stay away from North Bath and its citizens and denizens. And so, decades […]

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Westerns as Morality Plays: High Noon and the Hollywood Blacklist

Posted on · (Above: Gary Cooper in a scene from the 1952 Western “High Noon.”) Tonight (March 1, 2017) at 7 at Brazos Bookstore, journalist Glenn Frankel will discuss his new book, called High Noon: The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic.  The book is about the classic Hollywood western High Noon, which, of course, stars Gary […]