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Bordering on Insecurity: Texas Tribune Series Looks at Border Corruption Amongst US Law Enforcement

Posted on · When we think about protecting the Texas-Mexico border, we often think about stopping illegal activity happening on the other side of the Rio Grande. However, a series of reports from The Texas Tribune and Reveal highlights illegal activity happening not only here on the US side of the border but among those tasked with policing […]


How Much Is Enough When It Comes To Spending On Border Security In Texas?

Posted on · Leaders in Texas are convinced the federal government isn’t doing enough to secure the U.S.-Mexico Border. They have approved spending nearly $1 billion over the next two years to aid the effort. But money may not solve the problem.

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Homeland Insecurity: Investigation Uncovers Failures to Root Out Corruption Within the Border Patrol

Posted on · On Tuesday (Dec. 15 2015), Gov. Greg Abbott announced Texas National Guard troops would remain at the Mexico border. Their nearly 18-month mission — prompted by an influx of unaccompanied children pouring into the country — was supposed to end this month, but it will now continue amid another wave of arrivals. Of course, it’s […]

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Border Odyssey: Meeting the People Patrolling and Living Near the U.S.-Mexico Border

Posted on · In 2010, Duke University professor Charles Thompson followed the U.S.-Mexico border, which spans nearly two-thousand miles. They followed a path from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Pacific Ocean, exploring small towns and larger communities on both sides of the border. Thompson spoke with residents living within these border communities to get a better understanding […]