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Texas Energy: What Did We Miss?

Posted on · We've been devoting time in recent weeks to talking about the various sources of energy in Greater Houston and across Texas. In previous weeks, we've talked about the future of energy from wind, solar, coal and nuclear and natural gas. On today's show, we examine any forms of energy we may have missed, including biofuels. […]

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New Design Ideas for Houston, and Houston’s First All-Star: Thursday’s Show (March 30, 2017)

Posted on · (Above: An artist’s rendering of a design for a “sky park” at the corner of Milam and Walker in downtownHouston. Image Courtesy: ByDesign/Gensler) If the future of Houston design was left up to the next generation of architects and designers, what would our city look like? It’s a concept Houston design firm Gensler is exploring […]

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How Might Biofuels Reduce Our Dependence on Fossil Fuels?

Posted on · Each Tuesday of this month Houston Matters has been exploring efforts here in Greater Houston to pursue alternative, renewable forms of energy, those that might someday help us to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. In past weeks, we discussed solar energy, hydrogen, and wind power. On this edition we talk about developments in biofuels, including ethanol. […]

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How Realistic is Hydrogen as the Next Big Energy Source?

Posted on · Each Tuesday of this month, Houston Matters is exploring efforts here in Greater Houston to pursue alternative forms of energy that might someday, in some way, dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Last week, we discussed solar energy. In future weeks, we'll explore wind and biofuels. Today, we talk about developments in harnessing hydrogen energy. We welcome […]