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Chef Series: A Conversation with Justin Turner of Bernie’s Burger Bus

Posted on · Last month we brought you a conversation with chef and Pearland native Ronnie Killen. This month we bring you a chat with another local chef, Justin Turner, owner and operator of Bernie's Burger Bus in Belliare, and that's exactly where Houston Matters producer Edel Howlin is situated right now.

Houston Matters

Six Years Later, Police Shooting of Robbie Tolan Reaches a Settlement

Posted on · On Tuesday (Sept. 15, 2015), a settlement was reached in a years-long legal dispute stemming from the 2008 shooting in Bellaire of aspiring minor league ballplayer Robbie Tolan by Bellaire police officer Jeffrey Cotton. Tolan was wounded in the incident, which occurred after a traffic stop in front of Tolan’s home. Cotton was ultimately acquitted […]

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Blue Bell and Texas Mutual Investigations: Wednesday’s Show (September 16, 2015)

Posted on · Over the weekend, the Houston Chronicle ran an investigative report examining long-term safety and sanitation issues at Blue Bell ice cream’s flagship Brehnam plant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says tainted Blue Bell products have sickened at least 13 people since 2010. Among them, three died after being hospitalized with other illnesses. Chronicle […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

Are Texans Temperamental? It’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · A new study calls Texans temperamental and uninhibited…an airline passenger is bumped from a flight at Bush for being only 44 minutes early…Bellaire gets props for being the best community in the nation for trick-or-treating…we explore these and other oddities with our panel of non-experts, as we parse The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly […]