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Celebrating 100 Years of Battleship TEXAS

Posted on · Officials are holding a public festival to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the commissioning of the Battleship TEXAS. The Battleship served in both world wars and is credited with the introduction and innovation of many advances, including gunnery, aviation and radar. Houston Matters’ Maggie Martin spoke with Bruce Bramlett, Executive Director of the Battleship TEXAS […]

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The Houston Bucket List, HISD School Closure, and Battleship Texas Centennial: Houston Matters for Friday, March 14, 2014

Posted on · For the last week, we’ve been asking you to contemplate items on your “Houston bucket list.” You know, those events, activities, and moments endemic to Houston that you want to be sure you experience them before you kick the proverbial bucket. Some of you e-mailed us with examples. Among them: A tour of Minute Maid […]


Saving Texas History

Posted on · It is the last of its kind. The Battleship Texas is a veteran of both world wars. It's docked in its entire splendor at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site. Last week, a rag and a back-up pump kept the iconic vessel from sinking in its mooring. Officials say the incident underscores the importance of repairing the Texas soon. Pat Hernandez paid a visit and has this report.


Battleship Texas Update

Posted on · The retired Battleship Texas will finally get the makeover it's needed for years. The state now has the money, and work that will save the old battle wagon for future generations will be completed over the next three to four years. Jim Bell has an update.