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Memoir Tells the Story of a Houston Culinary Family

Posted on · Marie LeNotre had plans to be a movie star when she graduated with a degree in drama from the Royal Academy in Athens, Greece, but life took a few turns and she ended marrying into a culinary family. Her father-in-law, known as the "Pope of Chocolate," was the first to introduce an international chain of […]

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Houston’s Signature Food, and Baking Bread: Houston Matters for Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Posted on · Chicago has deep-dish pizza. Philly has cheesesteaks. Pittsburgh puts slaw and French fries on sandwiches. St. Louisans devour toasted ravioli. Many major cities boast one signature food – one dish that’s served all over town, that helps to define the community, that stands out above the rest. Houston, it would seem, is not one of […]