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Next Question (Ep 12): Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Laura Branigain, The Golden Globes And Yacht

Posted on · On this episode, Harris County precinct one Commissioner Rodney Ellis talks The Harris County Remembrance Project, Bail Reform and County Government; a look back at 80's pop icon Laura Branigan; film critic Dustin Chase handicaps the 77th Golden Globe Awards; and the song "Sad Money" from YACHT.


Audio-Breaking News Coverage: Lone Star Stabbing

Posted on · On April 9th, 2013, another Lone Star College campus in the Houston area was the scene of a mass stabbing. More than a dozen people were injured when a man went on a rampage with a knife. KUHF began breaking news coverage almost immediately and continued with updates from the scene all afternoon. KUHF's coverage included reporter updates from the campus, anchor updates and actualities from witnesses.


Audio-Breaking News Coverage: Lone Star Shooting

Posted on · On January 22nd, 2013, there was a campus shooting at Lone Star College in north Harris County near Houston. Several people were injured the shooting sparked a massive manhunt for the man responsible. KUHF was on the air almost immediately with live updates from the scene and the newsroom and continued with new information all afternoon. KUHF’s coverage included several reporters at the scene, actualities from witnesses and anchor updates.