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Lone Star College Chancellor “Exit Interview” and New Cars for 2015: Houston Matters for Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Posted on · This summer, after 40 years in education, Lone Star College Chancellor Dr. Richard Carpenter is retiring. Carpenter has been a president or chancellor for colleges in seven states, starting at the age of 29, when he was named President of Somerset Community College in Kentucky (which made him, at the time, the youngest college president […]

Houston Matters

Answering Your Car Repair Questions

Posted on · We’ve talked a lot about the state of Houston’s roads on our show, but what about your car? What should you be doing now to prevent bigger-and more expensive-issues down the road? Do you have a burning question about something funky your car is doing? Today, two AAA technicians to answer your questions about your […]


Auto Auction Advice For The Non-dealer

Posted on · For the last few months, new car sales have been on the rise. And that has led to more used cars coming onto the market. Despite the greater supply, used car prices are not coming down. That might tempt some used car shoppers to try to get a good deal at an auto auction. But for most people — auctions are not the answer.


Texans Choose Trucks Over Hybrids

Posted on · The Houston Auto Show is underway at Reliant Center. Between now and Sunday Houstonians can check out the latest models of their favorite vehicles including a few concept cars, created just for show. There's a lot of talk about hybrids this year, but are they catching on in this neck of the woods? Bill Stamps went to the show to find out.


KUHF Conversations: Houston Auto Show Opens

Posted on · The 28th annual Houston Auto Show is going on right now at Reliant Center. David Pitman caught up with Wyatt Wainright, the president of the Houston Automobile Dealer's Association to talk the economy is affecting the show, and peoples' buying habits.