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Full Show: Back To The Moon, And Money Raised For Harvey Relief (Dec. 12, 2017)

Posted on · On Tuesday's Houston Matters: We discuss Pres. Trump's decision to send astronauts back to the moon. We take a closer look at where money for Harvey relief is being spent. Author Reza Aslan talks about his book, God: A Human History. And a local artist turns debris found on Houston streets into art.

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Full Show: Political Roundup, And Spending ‘Beyond A Year In Space’ (Nov. 15, 2017)

Posted on · On Wednesday's Houston Matters: We get an update on the investigation into the Arkema chemical plant, and we recap the latest political news. Then, we meet two astronauts training for deep-space missions, and we learn about the latest ideas on handling bullying -- both in school and in the workplace.

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Not a Fan of Job Interviews? Try Applying to Be an Astronaut

Posted on · (Above: Bob Hines is one of 12 members of NASA’s 2017 class of astronaut candidates. Photo: Robert Markowitz/NASA) Houston resident Bob Hines is one of just 12 people NASA selected to join the 2017 Astronaut Candidate Class. That’s pretty impressive considering there were over 18,000 applicants. Houston Matters producer Maggie Martin talked with Hines on the […]

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Inadequate Fire Safety Inspections, and Astronaut Candidates: Tuesday’s Show (June 20, 2017)

Posted on · (Above: Houston’s Fire Station No. 7. Photo: Michael Hagerty, Houston Public Media)Houston buildings aren’t being inspected for fire safety regularly, and the agency within the Houston Fire Department that’s tasked with the job has inflated its inspection numbers and keeps inadequate records. That’s according to an audit of the Houston Fire Department Life Safety Bureau […]

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Challenger Disaster Still Resonates at NASA 30 Years Later

Posted on · A ceremony is taking place today (Jan. 28, 2016) at Houston’s Johnson Space Center marking 30 years since the disaster that destroyed the Challenger space shuttle on Jan. 28, 1986, killing astronauts Ellison Onizuka, Greg Jarvis, Judy Resnik, Mike Smith, Dick Scobee, Ron McNair and teacher Christa McAuliffe. One man who was at the Johnson Space […]

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‘Astronaut Wives Club’ Portrays A Different Perspective of the Early Space Program

Posted on · This summer, ABC is running a ten-part series called The Astronaut Wives Club, based on the non-fiction book by the same name by Lily Koppel. The series tells the stories of the early days of the US space program through the eyes of the wives of the astronauts in NASA’s Mercury program. Houston plays a […]

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Space City Experts Discuss the Latest in Celestial Exploration

Posted on · Seeing as how Houston is Space City, we thought it might be appropriate, from time to time, to catch up on developments in outer space exploration. Today, we discuss a number of space-related topics with Dr. Carolyn Sumners, the VP of Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s George Observatory, and Douglas Terrier, Chief […]

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Astronaut Discusses Helping His Kids Deal with Him Being Away for Long Periods

Posted on · In the first in a series of discussions with Houston parents whose jobs can take them away from their kids, we hear from former astronaut Kenneth Cockrell about the challenges of being a parent working in space during the height of the Shuttle program. Cockrell was born in Austin, but considers his home Rockdale, a town about […]

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Former Astronaut Discusses the Legacy of Women in Space

Posted on · The documentary Makers: Women in Space premieres on Houston Public Media TV 8 tonight at 8. Houston Matters’ Michael Hagerty talks with former astronaut Bonnie Dunbar about the history of women in space, the significance of Sally Ride breaking through and the need to encourage more girls and women to pursue careers in engineering. He began by asking her what made […]