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Treating Bipolar Disorder in Houston

Posted on · Whether you realize it or not, you might know someone battling with a mental illness, because nearly one in five American adults are. One such mental illness is bipolar disorder, which can manifest itself as pretty extreme mood swings, ranging from euphoric or irritable to depressed. We discuss bipolar disorder and how it’s treated in […]

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Ebola Anniversary and Bail Reform: Wednesday’s Show (September 30, 2015)

Posted on · We mark a strange anniversary today. This time last year, a disease frightening and foreign to many Americans landed on the Lone Star state’s doorstep. Ebola, a disease ravaging Western Africa, found its way to the emergency room at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where Thomas Eric Duncan was told to go home and sleep off […]

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Oil Spill Latest, Mental Health, & the Literary Scene: Houston Matters for Monday, March 24, 2014

Posted on · On Saturday, a barge in Galveston Bay struck a ship and sprung a leak. While the barge was carrying a million gallons of marine fuel oil, officials believe just one tank was breached, which would suggest no more than 168,000 gallons spilled into the bay. As crews skimmed oil from the water, and containment booms […]