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A View of Modern China Along the ‘Street of Eternal Happiness’

Posted on · Rob Schmitz is a veteran public radio reporter who’s spent most of his career living and working in China. Near where he lives in Shanghai is a street with an interesting name – and with many interesting people who illustrate a lot about the changing face of the Chinese culture and economy in recent years. […]

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A Chinatown Migration Story: Why Houston’s Asian Population Center Has Moved Over the Years

Posted on · Many of us are familiar with the famed Chinatown sections of cities like New York and San Francisco. They serve as some of the largest enclaves of Asians in the world – outside of Asia. And those famous Chinatowns have basically always been in the same place within those cities – but that’s not the […]

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TEA Commissioner, Commuting Alone, and Asian Migration: Houston Matters for Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Posted on · For the last two years, Michael Williams has served as the Commissioner of Education, heading up the Texas Education Agency. The TEA oversees public education for more than five million pre-K through high school students in Texas public and charter schools. The TEA also supports the State Board of Education in the development of statewide […]