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Artist Creates Giant Sculptures from Twigs

Posted on · Artist Patrick Dougherty is known for his compelling, large-scale sculptures made of long, intertwined twigs. He’s currently working on an installation in Houston’s Hermann Park for its Art in the Park project, part of the park’s centennial celebration. He talks about why he chose sticks as his medium and how he makes his pieces.

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Is Houston an A-List City for Entertainment?

Posted on · On this edition of Houston Matters, we take up the notion of Houston as an “A-list” city, in terms of concerts and performing arts, the sports world, and among foodies. As a city “up there” with other major cities in those specific worlds. Do the top performers make a point of touring here? Do we […]

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How to See Sound: Exhibit Showcases Alternative Ways to Experience Audio

Posted on · Trying to cover art exhibits on the radio isn't always easy. You have to rely on good writing to paint the picture for your audience to depict, well, a painting or a picture. But not this time! A new Houston exhibit called SonicWorks, open now through Mar. 1 at the DiverseWorks gallery in Midtown, features […]

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Exhibit Brings Replicas of World’s Oldest Art to Houston

Posted on · In September of 1940 four French boys discovered a long-forgotten cave full of prehistoric art. The Lascaux Cave, as it’s now known, has been dubbed the “Sistine Chapel of Pre-history,” because it’s adorned with ancient frescos of bulls, deer and bison. The caves have been closed to the public since the 1960s to protect them, […]

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What’s Overrated & Underrated About Greater Houston?

Posted on · The Texans. Houston's restaurant scene. Affordability. Diversity. The arts. Depending on your own opinion, these things aren't getting enough attention here in Houston. Or...they're receiving too much. On this edition of Houston Matters, we ask you: what's overrated and underrated in Houston, and why? It can be anything! Sports, food, entertainment, museums – whatever you […]

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Texas Art Asylum: Resale Shop for Artists

Posted on · “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That old saying has been turned into a thriving business at the Texas Art Asylum. Owner’s Ramona Brady and Jennifer McCormick accept things that people don’t need, don’t want or have no use for anymore and sell them to local artists and crafters. They then turn their profits […]

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SPARK Parks Bring Art & Fun to Schools

Posted on · SPARK Park is a city program that improves school parks and makes them accessible to the neighborhood after hours and on weekends. Houston Public Media’s Ernie Manouse recently interviewed Kathleen Owmby, Exec Director of the SPARK School Park Program, at Wilson Montessori school in Montrose. The park is filled with art and interactive elements for […]

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Art Transforms Navigation Street

Posted on · There’s a new major public art project in Houston. The median for several blocks around Ninfa’s on Navigation Street in the East End neighborhood has been transformed into a promenade of sorts, full of art and interesting solar lighting. Houston Public Media’s Ernie Manouse visited the Navigation Street Esplanade to find out more. He speaks […]

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Houston Matters for Wed., Oct. 16, 2013

Posted on · Houston is a city constantly in flux, redefining itself, rethinking itself. In a community and – let’s face it – a society constantly on the move, we can sometimes lose historical and cultural experiences along the way. From Astroworld’s carousel (left) to the downtown Houston Foley’s department store, from homes and offices to hotels, stores, […]

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Clock Tower Turned into Public Art Installation

Posted on · A well-known Houston landmark recently got a makeover. The clock tower downtown in Market Square was transformed by Houston Artist Jo Ann Fleischhauer into a piece called “What Time is It?” From now through March, the clock shifts from merely a chiming timepiece tolling every hour to a permanent art installation and venue for performances. […]