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Local Artists Create Sculptures with Recycled Materials

Posted on · We're used to seeing things like ancient tribal masks or great chiseled statues in museums and art galleries. Oftentimes, they're painstakingly carved out of the finest exotic wood or hammered expertly out of blocks of stone. But a new exhibit by two local artists features sculptures made from more conventional materials, such as masks made […]

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Sleep and Sleep Disorders, and Finding a Community of Faith: Houston Matters for Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015

Posted on · Ahh the sweet caress of sleep. It's where our bodies recharge and our minds defragment. Of course, we all know we're supposed to get eight hours of sleep a night. But too often we're forced to live by the philosophy of "I'll sleep when I'm dead," squeezing in four hours here, a power nap there, […]

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Archway Gallery Allows Houston Artists to Control How Their Art is Shown and Sold

Posted on · We learn about Houston’s Archway Gallery, which is owned by a cooperative of local artists. This allows the artists — spanning a variety of media — to control how their art is shown and sold to the public. We learn more about the gallery from artist/member John Slaby.