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Architecture Tour Gives Houstonians Close Up Look at the City’s Most Notable Designs

Posted on · The 38th Annual Rice Design Alliance Architecture Tour will take place from 1 1o 6 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday, March 29 and 30. Titled “Additionally,” this spring’s tour brings members and their guests to eight Houston residences, dating from 1885 to 1964, that have been given substantial additions in recent years by local architecture […]

Houston Matters

Houston’s Fascination With Strip Malls, For Better or Worse

Posted on · Houston – for better or worse – is known for its strip malls. We have a lot of them. Strip malls aren't the most attractive storefronts for businesses, but there are some bright spots to what many may consider eyesores. We talk with University of Houston architecture professor Susan Rogers about Houston's strip malls. And […]

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Building a Better Strip Mall and the Two Houstons: Houston Matters for Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Posted on · It's been said there are two Houstons. One is inside the loop: urban, with skyscrapers, universities, recycling, museums, buses. The other is outside the loop: suburban, with strip malls, sprawl, U-turn lanes, Kroger. Some Houstonians live in one, and work in the other. Some make a point of visiting one while devoting most of their […]