Concrete Batch Plant Protest Harris County


Texans affected by pollution from concrete batch plants push state agency to tighten regulations

Posted on · As the state’s environmental agency weighs new pollution limits on the plants, several lawmakers have filed bills that would put new restrictions on the facilities, which spew pollutants into mostly low-income neighborhoods.

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What Potential Artist Housing Could Mean for Acres Homes Neighborhood

Posted on · Acres Homes has been talked about as a place for revitalization for a while but typically within the context of preserving the historic African-American neighborhood. But now a different sort of development is planned in the enclave: high-end housing for artists. We discuss the concept, how Acres Homes residents are reacting to it, and what […]

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Star Trek’s Impact on Space City: Thursday’s Show (September 8, 2016)

Posted on · Fifty years ago today, on Sept. 8, 1966, Star Trek debuted on American television. The original television series lasted just three seasons, but a legion of fans kept Trek culture alive for a decade, leading to a series of films, which spawned a new TV series, which led to three additional series, and more movies, […]

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Examining the Future of Affordable Housing in Greater Houston

Posted on · The Houston Housing Authority is a city agency tasked with developing affordable housing in the city through a federal low-rent public housing program and a housing voucher program. HHA has proposed eight projects in the last three years. Five of them have been blocked, and while the agency has redeveloped existing properties, purchased land and […]

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Custody Deaths and Affordable Housing: Wednesday’s Show (August 24, 2016)

Posted on · There's a new database documenting the deaths of Texas citizens in two types of situations: deaths as a result of encounters with law enforcement (such as the use of deadly force) and deaths that occur while in law enforcement custody (such as in jail or in prison). The database, called the Texas Justice Initiative, says […]

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Horse Neglect and Abuse: Still an Issue Inside a Sprawling Metropolis

Posted on · The Houston Police Department and the Houston Humane Society have been working to address incidents this year of neglect, abandonment, and abuse of horses in Greater Houston. We learn more from HPD Captain Larry Baimbridge and the Humane Society’s Monica Schmidt. (Above: A photo, taken by HPD Cpt. Larry Baimbridge, of a malnourished horse, nicknamed […]

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Once-Rural Communities Try to Hang Onto Their Identities, Despite Houston Sprawl

Posted on · Recently the Texas Transportation Commission decided to move ahead with plans to extend the Highway 249 toll road out to Grimes County. Some residents are unhappy, and argue the "Aggie Highway" will ruin their quality of life. This is a common theme for people who choose to live in rural or more remote areas on […]