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Ghost Guns, and Performance-Based College Funding: Houston Matters for Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015

Posted on · As the new session of the Texas Legislature got underway Tuesday, gun rights advocates held a rally at the state capitol with a machine capable of building firearms with 3D-printing technology. These so-called “ghost guns” have no serial numbers. The event was part of a push to get rid of the state's handgun licensing requirements […]

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Makerspaces: The Garages of the 21st Century

Posted on · If you’re into making things or tinkering with gadgets, you might not always have access to all the tools and equipment you might need – whether it’s expensive welding equipment or a 3D printer. That’s where the phenomenon of “makerspaces” comes in. Makerspaces are essentially communal workshops where members of the collective share the costs […]