Senator Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, leading the Senate floor debate in favor of SB 2.


Texas Senate passes bill making illegal voting a felony again; bill moves to Texas House

Posted on · Senate Bill 2, authored by Senator Bryan Hughes, would also change the requirement that a person know he or she was voting illegally in order to be charged and convicted.

The Texas State Capitol.


Bettencourt, Cain, and Schofield seek to abolish Harris County Election Administrator’s Office

Posted on · State Senator Paul Bettencourt and State Representatives Briscoe Cain and Mike Schofield have filed identical bills that would force counties with more than 1 million residents to eliminate the appointed office, handing its functions over to elected officials.

Santa Fe Shooting Memorial


Proposed bill in Texas Legislature could provide closure to relatives of Santa Fe High School shooting victims

Posted on · Senate Bill 435, authored by state Sen. Mayes Middleton of Galveston County, would allow prosecutors to share medical examiner's reports and video footage with relatives of deceased crime victims without making that information available to the general public.

Heather Darcey and her son, Logan.


‘No accountability’: Kids in special education are routinely restrained. Texas lawmakers could change that

Posted on · Parents with children in special education programs say that schools have restrained the students without their knowledge. A House bill would help with that by banning the use of restraint on children under the age of 10.

State Rep. Jolanda Jones, D-Houston (third from left) speaks to reporters Wednesday about a bill she authored that would require police officers to have a liability insurance policy in order to work in the state.


Texas police officers would have to carry liability insurance under proposed law

Posted on · Democrats in Texas have been calling for new police reforms in the state. Some lawmakers say requiring insurance for police officers might be less challenging than passing legislation to end qualified immunity.

Grassroots Republicans came to the Texas Capitol on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, to protest the appointment of Democratic committee chairs.


Under new Texas House rules, Democrats can chair committees, be punished for breaking quorum

Posted on · Appointing Democrats to key leadership roles has made House Speaker Dade Phelan the target of criticism by members of his own party. During Wednesday’s debate on House rules, more than 30 Republican activists sat in the gallery wearing red shirts that said “Ban Democratic Chairs!”

Students walk around the Texas A&M University campus in College Station.


Texas universities propose two-year tuition freeze in exchange for nearly $1 billion in additional state funding

Posted on · The leaders of the state’s six biggest university systems are seeking the money to fund instruction, university operations and employee health insurance and to cover a free tuition program for veterans and their children.

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