Harris County Civil Courthouse


Defense phase begins in first Harris County election challenge trial

Posted on · Former Judge Erin Lunceford is asking the court to require a new election in her contest against Judge Tamika Craft for Harris County’s 189th Judicial District Court. Craft’s attorneys attempted to have the case dismissed before calling their first witnesses.

Harris County Civil Courthouse


Second day of judicial election challenge trial focuses on countywide problems with mail-in ballots, early votes

Posted on · Republican voting officials Kay Tyner and Colleen Vera took the stand for the plaintiff, former Judge Erin Lunceford, in Lunceford’s election challenge lawsuit against Judge Tamika Craft. Lunceford is seeking a new election in Harris County’s 189th Judicial District Court.


Harris County sues Texas to overturn law abolishing its elections administrator’s post

Posted on · The county is asking a court to stay Senate Bill 1750 before it can go into effect September 1. If the law is allowed to stand, Harris County will be forced to hand over control of elections to the county clerk with less than two months to go before early voting begins in the fall elections.


Elections bills, including two targeting Harris County, set to become law

Posted on · Among the bills lawmakers passed during the regular session are a measure that will abolish the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office and another that will allow the Texas Secretary of State to impose “administrative oversight” of the county’s elections.


Layoffs in Harris County elections offices may explain some 2022 voting problems

Posted on · Several Harris County polling locations ran out of ballot paper and had technical issues on Election Day. Some election judges of both parties blame staff layoffs and poor training of Election Day workers for making those problems worse. 


GOP election judges say Nov. 2022 ballot shortages were intentional. Months later, no evidence has surfaced backing them up

Posted on · A five-month investigation by Houston Public Media found there were problems with Harris County’s elections that stretched over multiple years under the leadership of both parties, but little evidence that those problems may have tilted election outcomes.


Two Texas bills could cost Harris County Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum his job

Posted on · Senate Bill 823 would give the secretary of state the power to replace an appointed elections administrator, while SB 1750 would abolish the office of elections administrator in Harris County, handing its duties back to a pair of elected officials.


GOP-authored bills would increase penalties for illegal voting and limit Harris County’s control over elections

Posted on · Senate Bill 2 would make illegal voting a felony again. Other Republican-authored bills, filed in response to the 2022 Harris County general election, could cost Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum his job.

Jim McIngvale 2021


Mattress Mack asks Harris County voters to dish details about ‘bad’ experiences on Election Day 2022

Posted on · Jim McIngvale, a Houston businessman and Republican political donor, has launched an information-gathering campaign asking voters to share their experiences during the recent midterm.


GOP donor Mattress Mack files lawsuit against Harris County Elections office for access to 2022 Election Day records

Posted on · The law suit alleges that the Harris County Elections Administration Office failed to turn over records and is refusing to turn over records that are "patently germane" to understanding what happened in the 2022 elections. 

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GOP claims of Election Day mismanagement, fraud don’t explain Democrats’ 2022 sweep of Harris County

Posted on · Republicans are seeking fresh elections in nearly two dozen contests, alleging Election Day woes cost them thousands of votes, but a surge in Democratic registration and long-term demographic trends provide simpler explanations for GOP losses.

Kim Ogg


Harris County DA Kim Ogg had no choice but to investigate election allegations, deputy says

Posted on · Nathan Beedle, misdemeanor trial bureau chief for Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, said state law explicitly mandated the steps she had to take once she received a request to investigate from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.