This Is Why

Houston Public Media, with the help of the community, is committed to serving the Greater Houston Area with programming in curriculum-based educational content, news and information, front row seats to the arts, and vital emergency alerts to the region — freely 24/7 for everyone. To understand the impact you make, we have collected local stories from the people you touch — THIS IS WHY your gift matters.

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Spelling Bee

Your investment in educational programming opens up a world of learning for kids all over the Greater Houston area. In fact, did you know that the Houston Public Media Spelling Bee is the nation’s largest regional Spelling Bee? Over one-thousand schools participate in the Bee, touching thousands of families in our region. The Spelling Bee supports life-long learning skills to the students that participate. They take away the spirit of competition, public speaking, and increased knowledge.

Take the Stage

Arts curriculum is often the first to be cut when there’s a budget crisis. That’s why Houston Public Media teamed up with Take the Stage to help develop arts programming now rolling out across HISD.

Town Halls

Community matters. Over the past year Houston Public Media brought together several communities for important conversations around issues that affect all of us.

Local Artists

Local artists are inspired by – and contribute to – the more than 450 unique arts stories that Houston Public Media presented on television, radio and other media over the past year.

Blackshear Elementary

Teachers and parents at Blackshear Elementary School in Houston’s 3rd ward are harnessing the power of PBS kids programming to help develop skills in children that will serve them throughout their lives.

Emergency Management

Breakthrough technologies are changing the way we respond to major events and natural disasters, and Houston Public Media play an important role behind the scenes as a critical partner with Houston’s emergency management teams.


This year Houston Public Media produced video profiles of two historically black universities: Prairie View A&M and Texas Southern University. While filming we met a young man whose journey in education began by watching programs on Houston Public Media.

Houston Matters

Behind the scenes at ‘Houston Matters’ – a radio show that has become essential mid-day listening for thoughtful and interesting topics that get to the heart of Houston.


Thanks to Houston Public Media, the students at HSPVA are finding deeper meaning in the stories they tell and the songs they sing.

Girls, Inc.

Girls, Inc. is taking a leadership role when it comes to empowering young women. And they’re relying on PBS Learning Media to help them do it.

Reporter Ride Along

Whether it’s politics, business, the arts, or education – Houston Public Media reporters have it covered, delivering trustworthy, accurate reporting you can depend on.

Spelling Bee

Houston Public Media helps lay the groundwork for ALL kids to have a running start as they develop social and cognitive skills. Kids like Syamantak Payra, a young Houstonian who has been a co-champ at the Houston Public Media Spelling Bee not once but twice. Today he’s paying it forward to future spellers.

Ana Maria Martinez

Houstonian Ana Maria Martinez is an internationally recognized opera singer with access to the world’s greatest arts resources, but when it comes to her family she most values the programing right here on Houston Public Media.