Houston Public Media is providing expanded services to our Greater Houston community, reaching more than 1.6 million people each week, including a coronavirus resource page to ensure you have access to the latest information, a new live call-in show Town Square with Ernie Manouse, and special curriculum-based PBS Kids programming and At Home Learning resources. These programs and services are made possible by our community of supporters, members, and foundations. Below is a look at the difference they make for our community every day. Together we do it, for the love of Houston. Together we do it, for the love of Houston.

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1A Community Forum

Houston Public Media brings diverse voices and stories to a bigger stage. 1A’s Joshua Johnson and Houston Public Media collaborated to incorporate more local voices into the national conversation.

HPM PBS KIDS Writers Contest

The Houston Public Media PBS KIDS Writers Contest opens up a world of imagination and creativity – all while learning language, grammar and expression. Each year, Houston Public Media opens up this opportunity for students to participate.


Houston Public Media prioritizes stories that are important to Houstonians. For the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing, producers at Houston Public Media highlighted the space race as only Houston could.

PBS Visits Houston’s Art Scene

Paula Kerger and Jane Chu give their take on the arts presence in Houston and the partnership between HPM and PBS. Together, HPM and PBS not only bring Houston’s art scene to the screens and airwaves of the Greater Houston Area, but also models to the country how to set priority of the arts through philanthropy.

Texas Collaborative

Rachel Osier Lindley, Dave Fehling and Rick Holter give an inside look to how the Texas Collaborative is reshaping the public media landscape. Flowing from idea — to scribbles on a napkin — to a full operation, Stewarts Vanderweld from KUT and our own Lisa Shumate came up with the concept of the Texas Collaborative spawned from the thought, "what would happen if the news rooms in Texas did something together?"

Houston Public Media Interns

Whether it’s the newsroom, advancement, creative services, or production – Houston Public Media offers so many opportunities that allow interns to follow their passions and strengthen their skills. A few of our previous interns stopped by to share where they are now and how the lessons they learned from Houston Public Media.

Houston Public Media Young Leaders Council & Looking Forward

The more you invest in something, the more it will be worth in the long run. To invest in the future, Houston Public Media is partnering with young, ambitious professionals in our community. Our inaugural class of the Young Leaders Council is growing into some of our strongest ambassadors for public media. This group of individuals has a passion for Houston Public Media and wants to spread the mission as well as engage in ideas to continue to propel Houston Public Media into the future in order to educate and inform future generations of viewers and listeners.

Art Leaders

Masterpiece and Great Performances are just a fraction of the 600 hours of arts programming that we provide at Houston public media. Our viewers and listeners rely on Houston Public Media to keep the arts alive – today and for generations to come. This is sometimes their only connection to the world and Houston’s vibrant arts community. Part of our arts mission is to offer a platform to arts organizations in the Houston Community to showcase and explore the local arts scene within our viewing area. Art leaders from Theatre Under the Stars; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and the Houston Symphony express how much Houston Public Media means to them and how it allows everyone a front row seat to the arts!

Veteran/HPM Young Leaders Council

Meet a former Marine who is serving his community by helping out veterans and investing his time as part of the first Houston Public Media Young Leaders Council. Houston Public Media is invested in our community. We reached over 1.5 million people each week with 24/7, free and accessible programming on-air and online.

Trees for Houston/Meals on Wheels

Beautifying Houston’s urban landscape and serving meals to those in need are the passion behind Trees for Houston and Interfaith Ministries — Meals on Wheels. They have a passion for helping out our community. They also have a passion for Houston Public Media that has blossomed into a beautiful partnership. A partnership that helps further our reach to the community.

Gwen Ifill Fellow

Together, we can invest in the next generation of journalists. Meet an ambitious, high schooler, who was granted an opportunity to jumpstart her career through Houston Public Media and the Gwen Ifill Fellowship. Your support guides future journalists and helps them develop the skills required to produce impartial, fact-based news.

Party Politics

As part of our multi-platform approach to content development, Houston Public Media launched the podcast Party Politics, a ‘cliff-notes’ version of the week in politics. Professor Cory Colby from Lone Star College found the podcast so entertaining that he’s using it in his Government classroom.

PBS Digital Innovators

PBS Digital Innovators are recognized as classroom change-makers, educators whose innovative ideas spark the imaginations of their students. Houston’s own PBS Digital Innovator, Krissy Venosdale, is connecting with her students through computer science, design, engineering and fabrication.

Vietnam Local Documentaries

Connecting families and communities is important to Houston Public Media. Recently, we collaborated with the PBS Vietnam initiative by producing three half-hour documentaries which highlighted local stories of Vietnamese Americans and Vietnam vets, and the effects of war.

This Is Why

For over 60 years Houston Public Media has been committed to serving Greater Houston. Help HPM continue our tradition of award-winning journalism, education and the arts with your donation.

Spelling Bee

Your investment in educational programming opens up a world of learning for kids all over the Greater Houston area. In fact, Houston Public Media Spelling Bee is the nation’s largest regional Spelling Bee with over 1,000 schools participating, while giving life-long learning skills to the students that participate.

Take the Stage

Arts curriculum is often the first to be cut when there’s a budget crisis. That’s why Houston Public Media teamed up with Take the Stage to help develop arts programming now rolling out across HISD.

Town Halls

Community matters. Over the past year Houston Public Media brought together several communities for important conversations around issues that affect all of us.

Local Artists

Local artists are inspired by – and contribute to – the more than 450 unique arts stories that Houston Public Media presented on television, radio and other media over the past year.

Blackshear Elementary

Teachers and parents at Blackshear Elementary School in Houston’s 3rd ward are harnessing the power of PBS kids programming to help develop skills in children that will serve them throughout their lives.

Emergency Management

Breakthrough technologies are changing the way we respond to major events and natural disasters, and Houston Public Media play an important role behind the scenes as a critical partner with Houston’s emergency management teams.


This year Houston Public Media produced video profiles of two historically black universities: Prairie View A&M and Texas Southern University. While filming we met a young man whose journey in education began by watching programs on Houston Public Media.

Houston Matters

Behind the scenes at ‘Houston Matters’ – a radio show that has become essential mid-day listening for thoughtful and interesting topics that get to the heart of Houston.


Thanks to Houston Public Media, the students at HSPVA are finding deeper meaning in the stories they tell and the songs they sing.

Girls, Inc.

Girls, Inc. is taking a leadership role when it comes to empowering young women. And they’re relying on PBS Learning Media to help them do it.

Reporter Ride Along

Whether it’s politics, business, the arts, or education – Houston Public Media reporters have it covered, delivering trustworthy, accurate reporting you can depend on.

Spelling Bee

Houston Public Media helps lay the groundwork for ALL kids to have a running start as they develop social and cognitive skills. Kids like Syamantak Payra, a young Houstonian who has been a co-champ at the Houston Public Media Spelling Bee not once but twice. Today he’s paying it forward to future spellers.

Ana Maria Martinez

Houstonian Ana Maria Martinez is an internationally recognized opera singer with access to the world’s greatest arts resources, but when it comes to her family she most values the programing right here on Houston Public Media.